A PR is Your Reset Button

Working and living abroad is a life-changing event. You will discover a new country make new friends, earn a higher salary and build a new life. The only thing standing between you and these opportunities is a legal permit. A PR allows to live with your family in some of the leading countries in the world. Want to create a better life for you and yours? Our experts are here to help.

4 Quick Reasons To Get A PR

Higher salaries

Free healthcare
and/or education*

Better standard of living

Settle with


The most popular PR program in the world

Relocate in less than 6 months

Inviting 4,11,000 applicants for 2022

Avail of free education for children

Sponsor your relatives to join you in Canada

Welcoming 1 million immigrants by 2024


Get permit processed in only 3 weeks

Spouse is allowed to work and earn

Whole family is allowed to stay

Fast Track for Doctors and Nurses

IELTS is not mandatory

No cap on number of migrants under this scheme


IELTS or German not mandatory

Relocate in less than 6 months

The largest economy in Europe

High demand for IT, Engineers & Scientists

Highly competitive & free education for children

Opportunity to convert to EU Residency later


No recession in 25 years

Inviting 190,000 applicants in 2021-22

90% of applications processed in 8 months

Stay in Australia indefinitely

Get free or affordable care for yourself and your family

Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence.

Occupations in demand


Avg. Canada Salary

Avg. Australia Salary

Avg. Germany Salary

Avg. UK Salary

IT engineers/software professionals

CAD 102,900

AUD 105,000

EUR 60 000

GBP 30,000


CAD 85,500

AUD 106,700

EUR 68 000

GBP 37,500


CAD 50,000

AUD 136,500

EUR 20,430

GBP 57,340


CAD 78,600

AUD 79,300

EUR 30,000

GBP 34,125

Sales & marketing

CAD 60,000

AUD 78,000

EUR 20,000

GBP 28,000


CAD 45,800

AUD 93,000

EUR 42,160

GBP 36,900


CAD 42,600

AUD 51,000

EUR 35,280

GBP 35,100

Restaurant managers

CAD 42,000

AUD 60,000

EUR 36,170

GBP 29,700



Successful applicants


Experienced counselors





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